Cakey Bot

This is just the documentation for Cakey Bot. You do NOT configure the bot from here. Visit to manage your server.

If you got to this page by inviting Cakey Bot, please review the REQUIRED permissions for Cakey Bot to work in your guild. You can check these out here.


  • Audit Log

  • Announcements

  • Auto Moderation

  • Auto Role

  • Auto Responder

  • Custom Commands

  • Emoji Management

  • Games

  • Giveaway Commands

  • Info Commands

  • Localization (Cakey Bot supports over 10 different languages!)

  • Moderation Tools

  • Music (Multiple Sources)

  • Music Song Request Channel

  • Persistent Roles

  • Reaction Role Assignment

  • Reminders

  • Role-play Commands

  • Role Management

  • Self Roles

  • Starboard

  • Support Ticket Commands

  • Temporary Mutes/Bans (Including silent moderation actions)

  • Text Manipulation

  • Image Manipulation

  • Utility Commands

  • Warnings/Infractions

Support/Report Bugs/Suggestions

If you are having issues with the bot check out our FAQ page. If you do not find your issue there you can also join our discord support server and get direct assistance there.

If you would like to make a suggestion or request a new feature you can either use our !feedback <text> command or you can join our discord support server.


Patreon is the most consistent form of support that allows us to continuously host the bot on costly servers.

Cakey Bot does not have a "Premium" mode like some popular bots do. The Cakey Bot team believes every feature should be free for all users, not just to those who pay. If you donate you won't unlock fancy VIP features though you will get a fancy colored role on our support discord to show off your donation. You can donate via paypal or by patreon. All donations will go directly to Cakey Bot's hosting costs, if we make more money than the cost of hosting, the rest will go to other bot-related costs such as domains, ssl, advertising and similar.