Cakey Bot
Getting Started
This is just the documentation for Cakey Bot. You do NOT configure the bot from here. Visit to manage your server.
If you got to this page by inviting Cakey Bot, please review the REQUIRED permissions for Cakey Bot to work in your server. You can check these out below.

Need help? Have new ideas?


If you are having issues with the bot check out our troubleshooting page. You can also find answers to common questions on our FAQ page. If you do not find your issue there you can also join our discord support server and get direct assistance there in our #support channel.


If you would like to make a suggestion or request a new feature you can also post these in our discord support server.

Anonymous Feedback

In addition to this, we also accept anonymous feedback via this google forms page as well to encourage honest and truthful feedback to improve our services.
You can also directly contribute to our wiki/documentation by click the "Edit on GitHub" button on the top right section of this page. This helps us keep the information accurate and up-to-date.

Inviting Cakey Bot

You will need Manage Server or Administrator permission to add Cakey Bot to your server.
You can invite Cakey Bot using this Discord OAuth URL. If you do not want the bot to have Administrator permissions you can change them after you invite the bot like you would any other role/user.

Required Permissions:

  • Send Messages
  • Read/View Messages/Channels
  • Use External Emoji
  • Add Reactions
  • Use Public/Private Threads

Optional Permissions:

  • Connect/Speak/Voice Activity (For Music commands)
  • Manage Roles/Channels/Emoji/Server (Server Management commands)
  • Kick/Ban/Mute/Manage Nickname/Manage Messages/Manage Roles/Manage Threads (Moderation commands)
  • Mute Members/Move Members/Manage Channels (Stage Music)
  • Manage Threads (Threads)

Wildcard Permissions:

  • Administrator - If you don't want to worry about specific permissions you can just grant Administrator.
It is not recommended to freely give out Administrator permission. It would just make setting up the bot simpler. Cakey Bot has many built-in safeguards to prevent the bot from being abused by users if the bot has Administrator so it is safe to grant, just not a recommended practice to do so.


Slash Commands

Cakey Bot makes use of Discord's slash command system. Slash commands will prompt you for arguments/parameters if they are required and some will send "ephemerally", meaning that the results are only shown to you. This means that you can use some slash commands without spamming the chat for everyone else! You can find a full list of our available commands on our website here.

Custom Commands

You can set custom commands alongside Cakey Bot's default commands. For more information on how to do this, check out the custom command section.

Per-Server Settings (Web Dashboard)

You will need Manage Server or Administrator permission to customize Cakey Bot in your server.
After you invite Cakey Bot, most commands/features will work right out of the box (assuming it has the correct permissions). However, there are some more advanced features that you can enable. Some of these features include but are not limited to: multiple languages, auto moderation, custom commands, audit logging, etc.
You can access the web dashboard here. All of Cakey Bot's most advanced features can be configured through the web dashboard.
You can configure advanced features like the ones listed below in the web dashboard:
  • Default music volume
  • Bot Language
  • Modify Module-Specific Configurations
  • Setup Custom Commands/Auto Responders
  • Setup Auto-Moderation
  • View Server Stats
  • View Music Queue
  • View Audit Logs
  • View User Warnings
  • View Persistent and Temporary Roles
and more!
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