Changelist - 2021

6/22/2021 - TTT Upgrades


  • Upgraded !ttt AI to actively block player wins

6/21/2021 - Music Changes


  • Fixed missing error messages with slash commands for music


  • Song titles are now trimmed to 50 characters

  • Song titles can now be clicked and link to the original song URL

  • Song requester now actually pings/mentions the user

  • Updated overall formatting of music strings a bit

6/20/2021 - Achievement Banners + Music Upgrades


  • Fixed an incorrect URL while typing !afk list

  • Fixed an issue where /afk wouldn't show your currently set AFK message

  • Fixed AFK messages not supporting unicode based text (like emotes or korean language)

  • Fixed !skip vote counts

  • Fixed /remindme allowing optional parameters

  • Fixed check/x emotes on slash commands


  • Changed !search command description


  • Added new !achievement <text> command which generates a Minecraft achievement using the provided text

  • Added new !clap <text> command which adds some :clap: to your text

  • Added new !xkcd <opt:id> command which grabs the comic for the provided ID or the latest comic if no ID is provided

  • Uploaded new translations for korean and swedish

  • Added !forceskip and !fs as aliases to the !skip command

  • Added slash commands for music:

    • Including: /join, /play, /queue, /nowplaying, /disconnect, /skip, /volume, /pause and /resume

6/18/2021 - Premium Overhaul


  • Fixed an extra > bracket that was on ban audit log messages


  • Updated !google to actually return first google result

  • Cryptocurrencies are no longer accepted

  • Credit/Debit card is now handled by PayPal (You don't have to create an account)

  • Stripe credit/debit card is no longer accepted

  • PayPal subscriptions will now auto-renew monthly

  • Added bulk discount (If you buy for 11+ servers, you only pay $4/mo per server)

  • Updated FAQ and other related elements to reflect this change

  • Added ability to select a custom number of servers (1-99)

  • Updated premium page to show separate buttons for "PayPal Premium" and "One-Time PayPal Donations"

  • "Next Charge" will now show "Expires On" or "Renews On" depending on the type of payment

  • Current servers will now display which of your premium plans is applied to it and when that plan expires/renews

  • Premium subscriptions now show the source type the payment came from

  • PayPal subscriptions now automatically apply your premium subscription after purchase


  • Added !snipe command

6/17/2021 - Web Optimizations


  • Fixed hover tooltip for premium custom join/leave banners (previously used the query tooltip)


  • Optimized several web dashboard pages to improve page load speeds

6/16/2021 - New Placeholder (Buttons!)


  • Updated !rolelist, !channellist and !emojilist commands to use pastebin if there's too many to list in a Discord message


  • Added !persistrole as alias to !persistentrole

  • New placeholder! Add link buttons on custom commands/auto responders {linkbutton:(text)[url]}. Read more here.

6/15/2021 - Web Dashboard + Locale Updates


  • Fixed an issue where the Premium page would not load if you hadn't selected a guild yet


  • You can now visually see which of your guilds have premium and beta applied without having to click on them individually

  • Also, all new translation work has been pushed live

6/14/2021 - Accessibility Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where !play would throw an "unknown" error in addition to the original error message if Cakey Bot was unable to join the voice channel

  • Fixed translations that would break after the first move in TTT (This should also fix translation issues with other button/interaction related components)

  • Fixed a bug where image manipulation commands would sometimes silently fail if they failed to download an image to modify

  • Fixed !suggestion embed error colors not being red

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't use numbered choose/choice placeholder lists if you didn't include the default unnumbered list


  • Improved accessibility with toggling modules on the web dashboard and viewing their current status/state

    • Greatly increased the border width so the color is easier to identify

    • Changed button text "Click to Toggle" to "Click to Enable/Disable"


  • Added padding below toggle module panels so they don't clip behind the footer

6/12/2021 - New Placeholder


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't edit or clone custom commands/auto responders that contained backticks on the web dashboard


  • Added a new placeholder {messagelink} which displays a Discord link/url to the original command/message that triggered the response

6/11/2021 - QOL Changes


6/7/2021 - Temporary Actions


  • Reminders & temporary moderation actions are now working again


  • Re-added "remindme" as a slash command


6/6/2021 - TTT Fixes


  • Fixed !ttt colors

  • Fixed an issue where !ttt games could throw an incorrect "expired" error message when there's tons of games going on


  • !ttt now keeps the game board displayed after it has finished

  • Slightly improved AI to target winning tiles (Still need to add the AI actively blocking player wins, but slightly better than pure randomization)


  • Added new image manipulation command !pride <opt:user>, it will apply a rainbow overlay over your profile picture or the provided user's profile picture.

6/5/2021 - Bug Fixes


  • Fixed emoji count for !serverinfo command


  • Updated custom command / auto responder rate limit to just drop/ignore spam instead of delaying/queueing it

  • Limited !calculator output to 2k characters

6/3/2021 - Feature Requests


  • Added usage info for !quote command when incorrect parameters are provided

  • Updated !warnings to accept user id OR user object. (This allows you to view warnings of users who are no longer in the guild)

6/2/2021 - Calculator


  • Added new !calculator command, should be fairly straightforward

5/31/2021 - Stage Channels!


5/30/2021 - Slash Commands V2


  • Fixed some broken stuff with existing slash commands


  • Updated some slash commands to be ephemeral (This means they'll show the results only to you, so you can use them without spamming chat!)


  • Added tons of new slash commands

5/29/2021 - Buttons!!


  • Added "Open Link" button to !avatar

  • Added "Flip Again" button to !coinflip

5/28/2021 - Equalizer Presets


  • Added new command! !eqpreset <preset> This will allow you to automatically apply a preset equalizer to the song your listening to.

    • Current presets are: lowpass, highpass, flat, extrabass, extratreble, bassandtreble (Thanks @Captain Ibblesworth )

5/6/2021 - Stickers!


  • Fix tons of misc. bugs, errors, and fatal crashes in Cakey Bot.


  • Added Stickers check to auto mod

  • Add error message when !video returns no results

5/1/2021 - Music Fixes


  • Pushed a potential fix for music


  • You can now toggle 'persistent mutes' on the web dashboard. This will automatically reapply mute roles to users if they try to leave/join to bypass mutes

4/28/2021 - Among Us Fix


  • Fixed !amongus sending as a static image instead of an animated gif

4/3/2021 - Delete Placeholder Upgrade


  • Updated {confirmdelete} placeholder cooldown (30s=>60s)

3/25/2021 - Audit Log Fixes


  • Fixed "Message Deleted" audit log event not correctly preserving deleted images.

3/21/2021 - Custom Command Args/$N


3/20/2021 - Choose & Choice Placeholders


  • Updated advanced placeholders to be case-insensitive (Originally only basic placeholders were case-insensitive)


3/14/2021 - Music Updates


  • Fixed default volume not being set when adding playlists


  • Updated new dashboard audit log to be localized (multi-language)


  • Added max song length to dashboard

  • Added word blacklist to dashboard for music titles (To auto-blacklist ear rape or similar)


  • Removed the !playskip command.

  • Removed useless code from !search (Checking for playlist loading, will now display no results error)

3/11/2021 - Dashboard Logging!


  • Added dashboard audit log! You can now keep an eye on what settings your server admins have been changing recently.

  • Added support for spotify:track:<trackid> formats in music queueing.

3/9/2021 - Auto Mod Updates!


  • You can now add/remove custom blacklisted words!

    • Website blacklist/whitelist will be added soon as well.

3/4/2021 - Soundbites!


  • Added new !soundbites <name> command!

    • Current sound bites: among-us, bruh, deja-vu, discord-call, discord-join, discord-notify, error, fail, got-you, haha, hello-there, here-comes-the-money, law-and-order, ok, oof, run, sad-violin, sexy-sax, stonks, taco-bell, trollolo, what-are-you-doing-in-my-swamp, windows-xp, wow, you-what

3/1/2021 - Persistent Roles QOL Changes


  • Disabled automatic persistent mutes on !mute

    • !unmute will continue to remove persistent roles to undo any current ones


  • Add dropdown to delete persistent & temporary roles (add clear all button too)

2/26/2021 - Bug Fixes + Premium Banners


  • Fixed !image command (+related slash command)

  • Fixed profile images not working when user doesn't have one (Affects multiple commands)

  • Fixed incorrect text on !help commands

  • Multiple bug fixes


  • Deprecated the !settings command. All configurations must be done via the Web Dashboard now.

    • !setting prefix <new prefix> will continue to work.


  • Added custom join/leave banner background images for premium users

2/14/2021 - AFK Updates


  • Added the ability to clone Custom Commands and Auto Responders

  • Added the ability to view a list of AFK users in the web dashboard

    • Includes a button to delete/remove selected AFK messages on users

2/13/2021 - General Enhancements


  • Fixed {dm} placeholder being able to be used by non-premium users

  • Fixed an issue where Cakey Bot would incorrectly mention multiple users/channels/roles in custom commands


  • Improve strictness when censoring certain text in non-NSFW channels.

  • Updated links in bot (Donate => premium)

  • Added up-sale info on certain commands for Premium

  • Updated premium info on docs/faq

  • Updated web dashboard URLs in Cakey Bot

  • Implemented roles on not/require placeholders

2/7/2021 - Better Auto Mod


  • Fixed incorrect error message when Cakey Bot fails to load a music track

  • Improved error handling in auto mod

2/5/2021 - Premium Enhancements


  • Redesigned Premium website page

    • Updated layout to be more responsive

    • Added BTC and ETH as payment options

    • Added FAQ questions/info

    • Added pricing

    • Updated style of premium perks to stand out more/easier to read

2/3/2021 - QOL Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Cakey Bot would add duplicate entries to web dashboard music queue when skipping to next song

  • Fixed an issue where "Temporary Actions" would show every guild's actions on the web dashboard


  • Cakey Bot will now send a persistent message when it has disconnected from a voice channel due to no users

  • Added up to 2 retry attempts for all Cakey Bot temporary actions (tempmute/tempban) & reminders.


  • Added double quotation marks to the !dehoist command

  • Added dedicated page to customize music on web dashboard

1/31/2021 - Music bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where clearing the queue via Music Embed/Song Request would not skip the current song playing

  • Fixed an issue where loop would fail without an error message if there was an invalid track state

  • Fixed an issue where typing an incorrect channels/roles in !settings would cause the command to fail silently

1/29/2021 - Music seek improvements


  • Improved formatting for !ff, !rewind & !seek commands to better represent how far the song has adjusted.

  • Added usage info when giving incorrect time values on !seek.

  • Updated how Cakey Bot joins a channel. Should fix the issue where Cakey Refuses to join.

1/24/2021 - UX Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • Fixed typo and added missing commands on the commands list page

  • Fixed Auto Message page not loading correctly

  • Fixed tons of various music bugs including playback issues, typos, and incorrect/missing error messages.

  • Fixed vote skips not showing the correct number of remaining votes required.


  • Premium-Only features are now shown to everyone but are disabled for non-premium

  • Placeholder and Documentation buttons now open in new tabs

  • Updated Auto Mod to use a separate channel for logging instead of using Audit Log channel

  • Censored text in !lyrics


  • Added option to select Auto Mod log channel

  • Added buttons to Announcements to automatically set messages to banners or clear the message

1/17/2021 - Advanced Purging


  • Fixed an issue where Cakey Bot would delete a different amount than expected/specified


  • Updated required user permissions for !purge (Administrator => ManageMessages)


  • Re-enabled advanced purge filters

    • Also added documentation for this here.

    • Added pastebin message logs for advanced purges

    • Added aliases for common typos on types

    • Audit log for delete now displays the original specified amount to help remove confusion

1/15/2021 - Generic Bug Fixes


  • Fixed emoji command not displaying info/results

  • Fixed commands that would not display due to excessively long text

  • Fixed !video command and video slash command

1/14/2021 - Song Request Bug Fixes


  • Fixed #songrequest controls not properly clearing the song queue

  • Fixed formatting for queue items in #songrequest channels

  • Made even more fixes to music playing states, connections and disconnects


  • Add new !report <user> <reason> command (setup via web dashboard)

1/12/2021 - Addition Dashboard Info


  • Added a web dashboard page to view all active persistent roles

  • Added a web dashboard page to view all current temporary bans & temporary mutes

1/11/2021 - Music Improvements


  • Fixed massive bug where music would stop moving on to next song when a song ended


  • Added .M4A file support to music

1/10/2021 - Even More Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an incorrect error message when trying to "resume" a non-paused song

  • Fixed an issue where base64 en/decode slash commands wouldn't send the reply

  • Fixed an issue where R-Rated gifs would cause the !gif command to fail

  • Fixed music incorrectly matching on invalid Spotify URLs

  • Fixed numerous issues with music player states

  • Fixed !fact command

  • Made auto responder and custom commands case-insensitive

  • Removed !discrim command

1/4/2021 - Tons 'O Bug Fixes


  • Fixed numerous issues with Cakey's #song_request channel

  • Fixed issues relating to !loop and !skip

  • Updated old website URLs to reflect the new ones

  • Updated !announce command to require "ManageMessages" instead of "ManageServer"

  • Fixed an issue where !qoute would fail to quote large messages

  • Fixed an issue where !quote would fail if you tried to quote a file/image

  • Updated music queue in #song_request to automatically revert to default if the player state is invalid

  • Updated /remindme to check for null users when Discord sends incomplete data

1/1/2021 - Premium Subscriptions


  • Premium subscription options, with perks:

    • Higher Music Queue Song limit (50 => Unlimited)

    • Load Larger Music Playlists (50 => Unlimited)

    • Access to {dm} placeholders in Custom commands/Auto Responder

    • Custom !query Background Banner Images

    • + More Coming Soon