Changelist - 2021

1/17/2021 - Advanced Purging


  • Fixed an issue where Cakey Bot would delete a different amount than expected/specified


  • Updated required user permissions for !purge (Administrator => ManageMessages)


  • Re-enabled advanced purge filters

    • Also added documentation for this here.

    • Added pastebin message logs for advanced purges

    • Added aliases for common typos on types

    • Audit log for delete now displays the original specified amount to help remove confusion

1/15/2021 - Generic Bug Fixes


  • Fixed emoji command not displaying info/results

  • Fixed commands that would not display due to excessively long text

  • Fixed !video command and video slash command

1/14/2021 - Song Request Bug Fixes


  • Fixed #songrequest controls not properly clearing the song queue

  • Fixed formatting for queue items in #songrequest channels

  • Made even more fixes to music playing states, connections and disconnects


  • Add new !report <user> <reason> command (setup via web dashboard)

1/12/2021 - Addition Dashboard Info


  • Added a web dashboard page to view all active persistent roles

  • Added a web dashboard page to view all current temporary bans & temporary mutes

1/11/2021 - Music Improvements


  • Fixed massive bug where music would stop moving on to next song when a song ended


  • Added .M4A file support to music

1/10/2021 - Even More Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an incorrect error message when trying to "resume" a non-paused song

  • Fixed an issue where base64 en/decode slash commands wouldn't send the reply

  • Fixed an issue where R-Rated gifs would cause the !gif command to fail

  • Fixed music incorrectly matching on invalid Spotify URLs

  • Fixed numerous issues with music player states

  • Fixed !fact command

  • Made auto responder and custom commands case-insensitive

  • Removed !discrim command

1/4/2021 - Tons 'O Bug Fixes


  • Fixed numerous issues with Cakey's #song_request channel

  • Fixed issues relating to !loop and !skip

  • Updated old website URLs to reflect the new ones

  • Updated !announce command to require "ManageMessages" instead of "ManageServer"

  • Fixed an issue where !qoute would fail to quote large messages

  • Fixed an issue where !quote would fail if you tried to quote a file/image

  • Updated music queue in #song_request to automatically revert to default if the player state is invalid

  • Updated /remindme to check for null users when Discord sends incomplete data

1/1/2021 - Premium Subscriptions


  • Premium subscription options, with perks:

    • Higher Music Queue Song limit (50 => Unlimited)

    • Load Larger Music Playlists (50 => Unlimited)

    • Access to {dm} placeholders in Custom commands/Auto Responder

    • Custom !query Background Banner Images

    • + More Coming Soon