Changelist - 2019



  • Fixed an issue where queue wouldn't show the current playing song if items were in the queue


  • Added playlist/queue saving! You can now save everything in your queue and load it up at a later point!

    • Usage: !playlist <save | load | delete> <name>

    • This feature will allow you to have a playlist of songs from multiple sources, rather than ONLY YouTube or ONLY Bandcamp.

12/30/2019 - DJ Role Support


  • AFK messages can now be deleted by clicking a trashcan emoji

    • This only removes the message that the bot sends, it doesn't unset the user from AFK

    • If Cakey Bot doesn't have the correct permissions for this feature, AFK messages will show as they did before

  • !slowmode now accepts human readable times (i.e. 1h5min3s)

  • !clearqueue, !remove and !playskip now require Server Moderator permission / DJ Role


  • Support for "DJ" role instead of Server Moderator permissions on music commands

  • Added Cakey Bot's definition of a "Server Moderator" to the FAQ.

12/28/2019 - Soundcloud Support Added


  • Updated how roles are parsed in commands (You can now use ANY one of these three things for role input: ID, Name, Mention). Affects the following commands/features:

    • Self Roles command

    • Role Info command

    • Role Management module

    Note: !setting autorole & !setting muterole commands still require you to ping/mention the role


  • Re-Added video thumbnails to !np command

  • Added localization to Audit Log module

  • Added Soundcloud support to music

  • Added Direct URL MP3 file support to music

12/26/2019 - Bandcamp Support Added


  • Updated usage info for !remove

  • Improved string censor to prevent false censoring (i.e. on words like "canal")


  • Bandcamp support added for music

  • Vimeo support added for music

  • Mixer support added for music

  • Added a !clearqueue command (Aliases: !cq, !clqueue, !emptyqueue)

  • Added a plural check to the global warnings in !userinfo

  • Added !slowmode <time> <opt:channel> command - Updates slowmode for the provided channel (if not provided, it uses the channel the command was ran in)

  • Added !role <add | remove> <user> <role> command - Adds or removes a role from someone

  • Released Emoji Management module. (Incomplete)

12/24/2019 - Command Info Overhaul


  • Fixed an issue in !cmdhelp where null values could mess up formatting

  • !dc now functions again while a song is playing


  • Reduced !purge rate limit (30s => 7s)

  • !userinfo now shows global warning count for a user


  • Added !suggest as alias for !suggestion

  • Added module name to !cmdhelp

  • Added command usage to !cmdhelp

  • Added command usage info for every command

  • Added command aliases to !cmdhelp

  • Added !sban as alias for !softban

  • Added !faq and !assistance as alias for !help

  • Added the ability to pass a command name into the !help command to get info similarly to !cmdhelp

12/23/2019 - Bulk Message Delete Support


  • Fixed an issue where muting a user could fail due to role positions

  • Fixed missing player in !play command

  • Misc. Bug Fixes


  • Better handling and less null issues when moving the bot between different channels

  • Improved error handling for !lyrics command when no lyrics are found


  • Added BulkMessageDelete to audit log



  • Fixed several typos in the music module, all the updates recently made me overlook some stuff

  • Misc. Bug Fixes


  • Many more strings added to localization (Still plenty to do like core module and audit log, but it's getting there)

12/16/2019 - Music Improvements


  • Cakey Bot should now also automatically resume when a discord shard disconnects

  • Overall music quality should be better and have less stuttering


  • !dc now allows disconnects if no song is currently playing if multiple users are in the VC

  • Improved error messages when a music track fails to load


  • Added logging to lavalink to help me identify errors with music quicker

  • Added logging to Victoria to help with the above logging

  • !leavecleanup command. You can now remove items from the queue if users are no longer in the voice channel.

  • !playtop is now an alias for !playskip

12/15/2019 - Music Looping


  • Several other bugs that came up on

  • Multiple music issues were resolved and several typos/incorrect titles were fixed. !np command now has more info

  • Fixed an issue where the !move command caused the player to disconnect

  • Fixed an issue where AutoSummon and !move could cause incorrect errors to be thrown after bot restarts


  • Made !s and alias of !skip instead of !search (This seems to be the more common expectation of that alias)

  • Improved join/move behavior of the bot overall (Weird unexpected behavior could cause the bot to be disconnected or moved and this wasn't handled properly previously)

  • Cakey Bot no longer self-deafens when joining voice channels


  • Song Requested is now shown on the !np and !queue commands

  • Users are now able to force-skip the currently playing if they are the ones who added it, regardless of current vote skips or lack of moderator permissions

  • You can now loop your favorite songs with !loop!