Command Info

Command Help

Cakey Bot has a huge collection of commands and features. We are also constantly adding new features and content. In order to keep a up-to-date and accurate command list we have decided to keep a central list/page for all of our commands. You can access this full page of commands here.

You can also access command usage/help directly in discord using the !help <cmd> and !cmdhelp <cmd> commands. These commands will show usage, parameters, aliases and a command description for any command you pass as an argument.


Cakey Bot's prefix is ! by default. You can replace this with your own unique prefix if you would like by using !setting prefix <new prefix> or by using our web dashboard. If you forget what you set the prefix to you can always use the !prefix command, tag/mention the bot or check the web dashboard.

In addition to using the default/custom prefix you can also tag/mention the bot as an alternative to using the prefix.

Prefixes are only applied to commands/custom commands. They are not used for the auto responder or chat triggers.

Custom Commands

You can set custom commands along side Cakey Bot's default commands. For more information on how to do this, check out the custom command section.