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Localization (Multi-Language)

Localization (Multi-Language)

New translations are constantly being added to the bot. This means some strings/phrases may not be translated yet especially for features that have been added recently.
Cakey Bot (and our web dashboard) both support over 10 different languages. The language can be changed per-server and will apply for every user in that server. You can change the server's language from our web dashboard. Currently supported languages are listed below:
  • English
  • Dutch/Nederlands (Vikthor)
  • German/Deutsch (Marcel & MST2)
  • Korean/한국어 (Johnmacro)
  • Greek/ελληνικά (xxNikosGaming)
  • Swedish/Svenska (Hampus)
  • Turkish/Türkçe (Aleph & Oğuzhan)
  • Italian/Italiano (GiorgioHerbie)
  • Arabic/العربية (Sipancoolboy)
  • Romanian/Limba română (Silviu200530)
  • Japanese (hikarun)
We are adding more languages and you can contribute via our Github Repository located here or on our Crowdin page here. Once the majority of a language is completed (>80% translated) on Github/Crowdin it will be added as an officially supported language. Crowdin and Github are frequently synced so you can contribute to whichever you find the easiest.
If you plan to contribute, please follow the rules and formatting guidelines provided in the README on the repository page.
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