Basic Usage

In order to use music Cakey Bot will need Connect and Speak permissions for any voice channels you want to listen to music in.


Cakey Bot can play music from multiple sources which you can view a full list of here. In order to listen to music you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Join a voice channel that Cakey bot has access to join/speak in

  2. Type !join or !play <song> (The !play command will auto-summon Cakey Bot)

    1. You can also use the !move command if no one else is using the bot

  3. If you typed !join or !move in step two you will now need to type !play <song> in order to start playing a song

If no song is currently playing when you add one, it will start to play instantly. If a song is currently playing, your song will be added to a queue that will play through automatically.

If you play a live stream, other songs in the queue will not be played until either the live stream ends or until someone skips the live stream.


Cakey Bot requires at least Connect and Speak permissions to function. You will also need to be in a voice channel to summon Cakey Bot to it. If Cakey Bot is currently being used by users in another channel you will not be able to summon it to your channel. Many commands in Cakey Bot excluding !join and !dc require a song to be playing in order to be used. If a song is not playing an error message will be displayed. Some commands can not be used while a live stream is playing, to use these commands you will have to wait until the live stream ends or skip the live stream.

Default Volume

By default, Cakey Bot's volume will be set to 50 when playing music. You can change the volume using the !volume <amount> command but the volume will revert to 50 if the queue runs out of songs or the next time you use Cakey Bot. You can however change the default volume on our web dashboard from 50 to any number between 0 and 100.

Sound Bites

Cakey Bot also has a pre-made list of fun sound bites you can play outside of music. You can view a full current list of sound bites by running the !soundbite command and can play the specified sound bite by running !soundbite <name>.

Sound Bites are separate from regular music and will cause Cakey Bot to leave the voice channel and clear any ongoing music queue.

Equalizer (+ Presets)

You can set custom equalizer bands using the !equalizer <band> <value> command. There are 15 bands (0-14) that can be changed. gain is the multiplier for the given band. The default value is 0. Valid values range from -0.25 to 1.0, where -0.25 means the given band is completely muted, and 0.25 means it is doubled.

You can also use our presets for those of you who just want a quick and easy solution by typing !eqpreset <preset>. Our presets include: lowpass, highpass, flat, extrabass, extratreble, bassandtreble

Supported Sources

Cakey Bot supports many different sources including Twitch and Youtube!

You can view all of our current and planned music sources on this page.