Cakey Bot
Playlists must have 50 songs or less to be added to the queue and can not exceed the max queue size of 50 songs. (Premium users are excluded from this limit)


Cakey Bot can automatically load entire playlists of songs from Youtube and Bandcamp. When you use a playlist URL instead of a song name, every song in the playlist will be added to the queue.


Cakey Bot also has it's own built-in playlist system. If you already have songs added to the queue you can save them with !playlist save <name> and it'll create a playlist for you. If you want to load them back into the queue at a later date you can simply run !playlist load <name>. You are also able to delete playlists with the !playlist delete <name> command. If you want to see a list of all of your playlists and the amount of songs in each playlist you can run the !playlist list command.
A cool feature of using Cakey Bot's playlists system is that you don't have to navigate to external websites to use it AND your playlist can contain songs from multiple different sources (YouTube, Twitch, Bandcamp, etc).
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