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Song Request Channel
This feature requires slightly more setup to enable. To add this feature to your discord you must have Manage Server permissions. Also note that Cakey Bot requires the following permissions as well: Create Channels, Add Reactions, Manage Messages


In order to setup this feature you must have Manage Server permissions. You can then run the !musicsetup command in any channel that Cakey Bot has access to read/view messages in. If you and Cakey Bot both have the required permissions, a new channel called #cakey_songrequests will have been created. In this new channel you will see a fancy embed with 6 emoji reactions added to it and a block of text with more information under it. Do NOT delete either of these messages. If you do, you will need to delete the channel and run the setup again.
You can freely rename and move the song request channel into other categories after it's created without any issues as Cakey Bot uses the channel ID to update the messages.


The song request channel is very simple to use. In order to use it, you (or whoever is attempting to use it) must be in a voice channel that Cakey Bot can view/join. Once you are in a voice channel, you can either post a song name or a URL/Link to a valid music source and Cakey Bot will automatically search for and add the song to the queue. When it has done so, it will also update the embed picture/content. As you add/remove items to/from the queue, the queue message under the embed will also update.
You don't have to use the #cakey_songrequests channel in order to make use of the embed system! As long as you have the embed/song request channel setup, it will always update with the current song/queue info regardless if you use the channel or if you use regular commands.

Common Issues

Do NOT run commands in the #cakey_songrequests channel. Some commands may work, but since the channel takes ANY input as a song request, it will consider your command to be a song request. This could potentially queue up multiple tracks for the same request.
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