If you can't find the answer to your question you can contact us on our discord support server.

How do I invite Cakey Bot to my server?

You will need Manage Server or Administrator permission to add Cakey Bot to your guild.

You can invite Cakey Bot using this Discord OAuth URL. If you do not want the bot to have Administrator permissions you can change them after you invite the bot like you would any other role/user.

To view a list of require/optional permissions you can check out this section.

Why isn't Cakey Bot responding to any commands?

  1. Type @Cakey Bot#2608 help. If Cakey Bot responds, you have the correct permissions but were using an incorrect prefix. The help command you just ran will show you what the current prefix is.

  2. Check the channel permissions to see if Cakey Bot has Send/Read permissions for the channel. You can either check permissions manually or use the !debug command. This is the most common reason why Cakey Bot doesn't respond.

  3. Make sure that Cakey Bot is online. Discord might be having issues or Cakey Bot may be restarting to apply new updates/content.

  4. If none of these steps work you can join our discord support server here for direct help from our developers.

What is the default prefix and how can I change it?

The default prefix is ! (exclamation point). To change the prefix you can either use the !prefix <new prefix> command or modify it in the web dashboard.

If you forget what you set your custom prefix to you can always check it using the !prefix command or by mentioning/tagging Cakey Bot.

What is considered a server moderator?

Some commands in Cakey Bot are restricted to "Server Moderators". Cakey Bot considers anyone with the permissions listed below as a "Server Moderator".

  • Administrator

  • Manage Guild

  • Manage Channels

  • Manage Messages

  • Mute/Ban/Kick Members

Some music commands also require a "Server Moderator". Any music command that requires this permission will also accept users who contain a role named "DJ" to run the command as well.

What sources can I listen to music from? Do you support YouTube/Twitch/Spotify?

Cakey Bot supports many different sources including Twitch and Youtube!

You can view all of our current and planned music sources on this page.

Can I use special variables/custom content in join/leave/ban announcements or custom commands?

Yes! We have a list of variables that you are able to use in both of these features. To see our full list of variables you can check out this page that is dedicated to custom variables.

How does user muting work in Cakey Bot?

When you run the !mute <user> command, Cakey Bot will assign a mute role to that user preventing them from chatting/speaking in voice channels. Now, You might be asking "What role does Cakey Bot use for this?". This depends on a few factors:

  1. If you have set a mute role with !setting muterole or have one set in the web dashboard, Cakey Bot will use that role.

  2. If you have not manually set a mute role, Cakey Bot will scan for any role with the name "Muted", if it finds one it will use that role.

  3. If Cakey Bot does not find a "Muted" role, it will generate a brand new role with appropriate permissions

Note: In order for Cakey Bot to mute a user several things must happen. Cakey Bot must have Manage Roles permission and Cakey Bot's highest role must be higher than the Mute role and the muted user's highest role.

How do I setup custom commands?

You can setup custom commands using our web dashboard. For more information you can check out this section.

How do I set up audit logging?

You can setup audit logging using the !setting log command. For more information you can check out this section.

How do I set up join/leave/ban announcements?

You can setup announcements using the !setting announcements command. For more information you can check out this section.