Localization (Multi-Language)

This is a new feature and new translations are constantly being added to the bot. This means some strings/phrases may not be translated yet especially for features that have been added recently.

Cakey Bot supports 10 different languages. Language can be changed per-guild and will apply for every user in that guild. You can change the guild's language from our web dashboard. Currently supported languages are listed below:

  • English

  • Dutch

  • German

  • Korean

  • Greek

  • Swedish

  • Turkish

  • Italian

  • Arabic

  • Romanian

We are adding more languages and you can contribute via our crowdin project located here. Once a language is "completed" on crowdin it will be added as a supported language.

If you plan to add to our crowdin, please keep these guidelines below in mind.

  1. Please do not insert unnecessary punctuation into strings, unless it is required for that language

  2. Any string that contains ` symbols, please leave them in the same position and don't remove them. Nor change them to other symbols like ' or ", these are used to highlight certain text or to prevent "@everyone" pings from being used/abused

  3. If you encounter any placeholders like {0}, {1}, etc, keep them in the string. These are automatically replaced in the bot with text so Requested by {0}#{1} when used in the bot will be replaced with like Requested by MrCake#1337

  4. If you need more context/info about how/where a string is used to provide an accurate translation, just leave a comment on the string and a reviewer will provide further info/screenshots