Planned Features

Note: Just because a feature is listed here does NOT guarantee that it will be implemented. This is just a general TO-DO list and can be changed at any time without notice. Some features that are not on this list may also be implemented/added.

In Progress

  • Advanced placeholders

  • Covert all internal API calls to direct database usage

  • Have YouTube videos skip to time if included in URL

  • Have bot auto disconnect if queue ends and no song is re-queued within 30s

  • Add dailymotion support to music

  • Add list command for persistent roles

  • Add !bunny command (similar to !dog or !cat)

  • Reddit/youtube/twitch/twitter/rss subscriptions

General Features

  • Reaction Role System

  • Ability to modify reason for warns (mods their own, admins any)

  • Commands to ban/kick multiple users at once

  • Starboard

  • Mod Cases

  • Tags

  • Auto Message (Send automated messages on a specific interval)

  • Auto Purge

Bug Fixes

  • Fix spacing for first 9 lines on numbers on GitHub previewer

  • Have it auto display first 10 lines of file if no lines are specified on GitHub previewer

Music Features

  • !autoplay - Auto play the given song or stream while queue is empty

  • !movesong - Moves a song around in the queue (Modification of shuffle)

  • Have bot re-join VC on shard reconnect

  • Add !lockqueue command

  • Add ability to list your custom playlists

  • Cleanup !playskip code

  • Have a global "default" playlist that loads random NCS song playlist and shuffles it

  • Add !maxsonglength <time> so that songs can be restricted to something like 5-8mins

  • Add !blacklist <term> so that guilds can blacklist certain words in song names (i.e. earrape)

Support Ticket System

  • !new - Creates a new ticket/channel @ pings given support role

  • !close - Closes the support ticket

  • !tadmin - Various admin commands for ticket system

Web Dashboard

  • Have support tickets displayed (Similar to warnings/music queue)

  • Embed builder and sender

  • Allow vars on custom commands (include $1, $2, $1+)

  • Voice-Text channel linking

  • Have option to allow custom commands to overwrite default command behavior

  • Prevent duplicate custom commands

  • Add confirm dialog for custom command deletion

  • Properly re-sync database (Remove ~628 invalid guilds)

  • Implement some version of WebCord mirroring

  • Fix horizontal table scroll for commands table

  • Fix vertical scroll for mobile navigation menu

  • Fix the toggle switches on the auto mod page so that you can actually toggle the settings