Inviting Cakey Bot

You will need Manage Server or Administrator permission to add Cakey Bot to your guild.

While Cakey Bot's invite link defaults to Administrator, it does not require this permission to function. It's just to make setup simpler for those who don't want to spend time on channel/role-specific permissions.

You can invite Cakey Bot using this Discord OAuth URL. If you do not want the bot to have Administrator permissions you can change them after you invite the bot like you would any other role/user.

Required Permissions:

  • Send Messages

  • Read/View Messages/Channels

  • Use External Emoji

  • Add Reactions

Optional Permissions:

  • Connect/Speak/Voice Activity (For Music commands)

  • Manage Roles/Channels/Emoji/Server (Server Management commands)

  • Kick/Ban/Mute/Manage Nickname/Manage Messages/Manage Roles (Moderation commands)

Wildcard Permissions:

  • Administrator - If you don't want to worry about specific permissions you can just grant Administrator.

It is not recommended to freely give out Administrator permission. It would just make setting up the bot simpler. Cakey Bot has many built-in safeguards to prevent the bot from being abused by users if the bot has Administrator so it is safe to grant, just not a recommended practice to do so.

Per-Guild Settings (Setting Command)

You will need Manage Server or Administrator permission to customize Cakey Bot in your guild.

After you invite Cakey Bot, most commands/features will work right out of the box (assuming it has the correct permissions). However, there are some more advanced features that you can enable. Some of these features include but are not limited to: multiple languages, custom prefix, custom commands, audit logging, etc.

To configure/modify the most basic settings you can use the !setting <args> command. Using this command you can:

  • Set the guild's custom prefix

  • Audit log events

  • User join/leave/ban announcements

  • Mute Role (If one is not set when you mute a user, Cakey Bot will generate a default Mute role)

  • Auto Role (Role is automatically given to users when they join the guild)

  • Toggle Modules (Toggle entire modules of commands on/off)

and more!

Per-Guild Settings (Web Dashboard)

You will need Manage Server or Administrator permission to customize Cakey Bot in your guild.

You can access the web dashboard here. The dashboard will let you modify everything in the !setting <args> command and plenty more. All of Cakey Bot's most advanced features can be configured through the web dashboard.

You can configure advanced features like the ones listed below in the web dashboard:

  • Everything in the !setting <args> command

  • Default music volume

  • Bot Language

  • Modify Module-Specific Configurations

  • Setup Custom commands

  • Setup Auto-Moderation

  • View Guild Stats

  • View Music Queue

  • View Audit Logs

  • View User Warnings

and more!