Join/Leave/Ban Announcements


Cakey Bot can automatically post custom messages when users join/leave or are banned. You can have Cakey Bot announce for one or all of these events and set different messages for each event.

Setting A Message

To set a message you will have to type !setting announcements <join | leave | ban> <message>. You can set a message for any one of these events, some of them or all of them. To clear a message you just type !setting announcements <join | leave | ban> none.

In order to have Cakey Bot send the messages, you will have to set a channel for Cakey Bot to post to. You can find more information about this below.

Enable/Disable Announcements

In order to start posting announcements you will need to designate a text channel as the announcement channel. you can do this using the !setting announcements <channel> command or by setting it in the web dashboard. In order to disable announcements, simply type "none" instead of a channel name in the command.

Cakey Bot will need access to Send/Read messages in the channel you designate for announcements. Cakey Bot may also require Use External Emoji permission if you include external emojis in the announcement messages.

Image/Banner Announcements

You can also use a fancy banner picture for your join/leave messages too! In order to set an image banner as your join/leave message just use one of these commands:

!setting announcements join banner or !setting announcements leave banner

Currently you can not change the background image nor can you set a banner for ban messages.

Note: If you choose to use a banner image, you will not be able to use/apply custom text or placeholders alongside of it. You can always revert to using the custom text by using the !setting announcements <join | leave | ban> <message> command.


Announcements will work with all Basic Placeholders. You can find the list of supported placeholders here.

Announcements will NOT work with the Advanced Placeholders.