Join/Leave/Ban Announcements


Cakey Bot can automatically post custom messages when users join/leave or are banned. You can have Cakey Bot announce for one or all of these events and set different messages (or image banners) for each event.

Setting A Message

To set a message you will have to type !setting announcements <join | leave | ban> <message>. You can set a message for any one of these events, some of them or all of them. To clear a message you just type !setting announcements <join | leave | ban> none. You can also set/modify messages and the announcement channel via our web dashboard. Just log in, select a guild, and head on over to the "Announcements" page.

In order to have Cakey Bot send the messages, you will have to set a channel for Cakey Bot to post to. You can find more information about this below.

Enable/Disable Announcements

In order to start posting announcements you will need to designate a text channel as the announcement channel. You can do this using the !setting announcements <channel> command or by setting it in the web dashboard. In order to disable announcements, simply type "none" instead of a channel name in the command.

Cakey Bot will need access to Send/Read messages in the channel you designate for announcements. Cakey Bot may also require Use External Emoji permission if you include external emojis in the announcement messages.

Image/Banner Announcements

You can also use a fancy banner picture for your join/leave messages too! In order to set an image banner as your join/leave message just use one of these commands:

!setting announcements join banner or !setting announcements leave banner

You can also choose which banner style to use on our web dashboard. We will also be adding the ability to select custom uploaded banners via Imgur soon!

Currently, you can not set a banner for ban messages.

Note: If you choose to use a banner image, you will not be able to use/apply custom text or placeholders alongside of it. You can always revert to using the custom text by using the !setting announcements <join | leave | ban> <message> command.


Announcements will work with all Basic Placeholders. You can find the list of supported placeholders here.

Announcements will NOT work with the Advanced Placeholders.