Cakey Bot


Cakey Bot allows you to set reminders for yourself easily using the !reminder command. When you use this command, Cakey Bot will send you a Direct Message on the date and time that you use in the command along with whatever message you set.
Reminders have a maximum time limit of 1 month


If you block Cakey Bot or do not share any servers with Cakey Bot at the time that your reminder is sent, you will not receive it. Cakey Bot has to have access to message you directly to deliver the reminder as reminders are sent using Direct Messaging.
To create a reminder all you need to do is run the !reminder <time> <text> command. You will need to set an amount of time from this moment for Cakey Bot to remind you as well as a small block of text. Text is limited to 200 characters and time is limited to 1 month. Cakey bot accepts most human-readable time frames, for example: 1d5h30s or 3w5d.
Please note that it is not currently possible to view or remove your active reminders.
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