Self Roles/Reaction Roles

Make sure that Cakey Bot has the Manage Roles permission and that the Cakey Bot's role is above the roles it is trying to assign.

Self Role Command

Self Roles allows users to add/remove roles to/from their self from a list of roles that has been created/set by the guild admins.

To add/remove a role from this list you can use the !sr add <role> and !sr remove <role> commands.

To list all roles that can be self assigned you can use the !sr list command.

After you have added some roles to the self role list you (and your users) can add/remove the roles from yourself using the !sr use <role> and !sr unuse <role> commands.

Reaction Roles

This feature is planned and is not currently implemented in the public version of Cakey Bot. Check back later for more information.