Cakey Bot
You will need Manage Server or Administrator permission to manage servers.


Cakey Bot is a highly customizable utility and moderation bot. You can configure many features and settings in Cakey Bot using our web dashboard. You can access our web dashboard by visiting this link or by clicking "Manage Servers" in the navigation bar of our website.
Once you have selected a server to manage you will be taken to that server's home page. This page will show you general server stats and some basic bot settings like the default music volume, language, and command prefix. After you are on this page you can either modify these settings or navigate to other modules to configure.

Toggle Modules

By default, all modules are enabled for your server. If you don't want users to use commands in a module you will need to disable that module.
You can toggle entire modules of commands in Cakey Bot. To toggle modules you will need to navigate to the "Enable/Disable Modules" page and click the toggle button on the module you want to toggle the status of. A full list of modules can be viewed below.
  • AuditLog
  • Announcements
  • AutoMod
  • AutoRole
  • AutoResponder
  • Emoji Management
  • Games
  • Image Manipulation
  • Moderation
  • Misc
  • Music
  • Roleplay
  • Role Management
  • Support Tickets
  • Tags
  • Text Manipulation
  • Utilities

Configure Modules

Most modules in Cakey bot have configuration settings that are specific to that module. They can change the behavior of how a module works or change who can use the features in the module. Each module that has additional settings will have its own page to easily separate and navigate its settings.

View Logs/Warnings/Music Queue

There are several pages that contain read-only content for your server. These pages display various information such as moderation actions taken by members in your server, the current songs in the music queue and a list of all active warnings for users in the selected server.